Creating Eyewear Since 1998

With 20 years into the business and a strong and experienced project, logistic and design team of 35 people in Hong Kong, over 500 people in China and Cambodia, Icare has grown on top of being a 50 year old manufacturer in China into a design, engineer and service house that help our customers to draw, technically validate and produce frames to the level of finish and quality that they wish.

Our Optical Frames

Our production of optical frames: We produce about 1 100 000 pieces of optical frames per year, most of the time branded but always with impeccable finish. Our frames respect all international optical standards like CE, Reach, Proposition 65, Ansi…but more than these minimum requirements, aim at creating a design and finish difference for our clients. Frame manufacturing and design is a business of details and we believe that perfection in detailing is the key to differentiate collections from the rest of competition in a very crowded market, the only way for our clients but also for us as manufacturer, to last and grow in the long run.

Our Sunglasses

With 400 000 pieces produced a year and focusing mainly on acetate and combination sunglasses, we believe that we have achieved a level of finish and detailing that really ensures the collections make a difference onto the market. Sophisticated design, monobloc parts, impeccable connections, combination of different materials, intricate or pure decorations have through the years become a differentiating point of our sunglass production. Far from main stream, we take price to make products not only high end but different

History of Icare HK Co Ltd